Coating Services

Majesty Commercial Roofing we offer a full line of coatings . From building to pavement and of course roof coatings. Below is a list of all coatings we provide and what they offer.

GacoFlex S20

Solvent-Free 100% Silicone Coating

Whether your roof is large or small, flat or sloped, GacoFlex S20 Series Solvent-Free 100% Silicone Roof Coatings provide a proven, guaranteed solution for renewing your weathered and leaking roof. They can be applied to virtually any existing roof to create a durable, glossy, seamless membrane that seals and protects against permanent ponding water, ultraviolet light and severe weather.

This product comes with a 50 year material warranty

Roof Mate Coating System

is a coating used for roof restorations and for preserving roofs. here’s a video below of the roof mate coating system.



TOPCOAT PVDF Coating is a water-based, spray-applied, Polyvinylidene fluoride-based reflective coating with exceptional dirt-repelling characteristics.

This product was designed to repel dirt build-up and staining from environmental factors that can diminish reflectance over time. Polyvinylidene fluoride is a well-established polymer additive that has been used in coating products for decades in both non-roofing and roofing applications. It offers excellent weather ability and resists mildew and can withstand extended exposure to a wide range of temperatures, ultraviolet rays, and atmospheric pollutants.

We use TOPCOAT PVDF for commercial metal roofs.


Roof Mate Top Coat


Roof Mate Top Coat is apart of the the complete roof mate coating system but is used as a stand alone product for reserving roofs.

Uses are to preserve and extend the life of an existing roof that’s in decent or good condition.


United Coatings Roofshield Coating


United Coatings Roofshield Coating is a water-based acrylic roof coating that provides a durable, protective weathering layer for low-slope roofs. United Coatings Roofshield Coating is also highly reflective, directing heat and UV away from the building. This reduces the wear and tear on the membrane below as well as lowering the temperature inside the building, saving costs during warm and hot summer months.

Uses are to preserve and extend the life of an existing roof that’s in decent or good condition.


United Coatings Acrysheen Sealer


Acrysheen Sealer is a water-based, penetrating sealer designed to produce a clear, semi-gloss surface sheen. It is manufactured from advanced acrylic resins to form a durable finish that provides long-term water-repellency, increased dirt pick-up resistance, and weather protection.


Acrysheen Sealer was specifically developed as a penetrating sealer for use over properly prepared smooth or textured concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, brick, stone or stucco surfaces where a semigloss sheen is desired. Acrysheen Sealer imparts a slick, semi-gloss film over a variety of substrates, providing for increased dirt pick-up resistance. Acrysheen Sealer protects the substrate against atmospheric deterioration with a clear, semi-gloss film that provides water-repellency and surface sheen without significantly altering the natural color or texture of the substrate.

Masonex Clear Masonry Sealer will help to:

  1. Repel moisture, acid rain, and de-icing chemicals from your vertical exterior masonry surfaces
  2. .Retain the natural beauty of your masonry surfaces without added color, glaze, or sheen, Avoid solvent odors and messy clean-up
  3. Help Protect Your Exterior Vertical Masonry Surfaces Against Moisture Infiltration

     Uses on surfaces of stone,stucco,brick and concrete.



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