Shingle Roofing

Trust Majesty Commercial Roofing to install your shingle roof. We install shingles by GAF the Nation’s largest roofing manufacturer.

Here’s why Majesty is your best choice among roofing companies:

  1. Majesty delivers “performance confidence”- with GAF material warranty certified by the product manufacturer
  2. Majesty uses six nails on all shingle sections – roofs we install have the durability to withstand 130 mph winds.
  3. Majesty uses 1½” drip edge and custom made flashings around flues.
  4. Majesty uses ice and water shield in all valleys.
  5. Majesty replaces pipe boots, ventilation caps and box vents (a source of common roof leaks) and all drip edge and flashings.
  6. Majesty places dumpsters (making sure to protect your concrete/asphalt) in your driveway- not in your yard! A magnetic sweeper is used to collect nails in your yard after the job is done.
  7. Majesty uses GAF shingles with an algae preventative treatment to eliminate unsightly black streaks on your roof.
  8. Majesty uses GAF ‘Tiger Paw’ underlayment that is superior in many ways to commercial black felt commonly used under shingles by other contractors.
  9. Majesty provides you with a Certificate of Insurance from our insurance company.
  10. Majesty provides liability insurance to protect you

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